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Enhance Skin Products Announces the execution of agreements with Crisnic Fund for up to a $2 million investment to allow the company to fund a direct-to-consumer marketing program for its VISIBLE YOUTH™ line

Denver, 6 August 2010, Enhance Skin Products Inc., (OTCBB: EHSK) is pleased to announce that it has executed an Indirect Primary Offering Agreement (IPOA) and a Registration Rights Agreement (RRA) with the Crisnic Fund S.A.. As detailed in the Form 8-K being filed today, under these agreements the Crisnic Fund will purchase up to $2 Million of the Company's common shares.  These purchases will be done from time to time at the Company's discretion and will be made at the market, without any discount or investment banking fees, in a true "at the market" priced transaction. These funds will be used primarily to implement the Company's Direct-to-Consumer strategy and to expand its product line for both the Visible Youth and the Visible Youth "PROFESSIONAL" line up of cosmeceutical products.

Direct to Consumer Program:

Enhance Skin Products Inc., a pioneer in hyaluronan (HA) research and development for deep hydration of the skin, has announced plans to launch a Direct to Consumer (DTC) sales program for certain of its Visible Youthâ„¢ skin care collection including its Revitalizing Skin Formula, Revitalizing Eye Zone Gel and Revitalizing Moisturizer products. Dr Sam Asculai, Ph.D, CEO of Enhance Skin Products Inc., and dermatology product pioneer was quoted saying, "As part of a daily regimen for healthy skin care as well as to promote healing following skin resurfacing procedures, these different products interact synergistically with the others in the collection to help correct, repair, restore and maintain the continued youthful appearance and function of the skin.  I am very happy that the DTC program will finally be launched providing Visible Youth products access to affiliate networks utilizing new communication tools such as blogs, web-based social networks (Facebook, Twitter), email, etc., to introduce, and acquire desirous customers for select products as well as increase the Visible Youth brand recognition."

Professional, Direct Dispense Program:

Management will continue to develop the Professional, Direct Dispense line rebranded as Visible Youth "PROFESSIONAL". These efforts will focus on the treatment of skin after resurfacing procedures, an area that Management believes has been neglected by the market and for which a generally accepted treatment protocol to accelerate healing, reduce down-time and extend the period between procedures, does not exist. Central to the new premium Visible Youth PROFESSIONAL brand are the proprietary, patent pending, Healing Complex Plus 3% Lidocaine and Healing Complex containing HA and bioactive glass- Vitryxx ® . Vitryxx will be combined with hyaluronic acid in select Visible Youth PROFESSIONAL products and these will be directly positioned as a collective post skin resurfacing protocol. Additional Visible Youth "PROFESSIONAL" products are scheduled to be developed and introduced in the near future.

It's the Molecule!™

Steeped in evidence-based science, Visible Youth professional skin care products contain the optimal size, purest and most effective HA molecular fraction available for deep penetrating hydration. The unique line of proprietary formulations helps restore the skin's natural supply of HA-water complex, resulting in long-lasting benefits for all skin types.

Crisnic Fund

Crisnic Fund S.A. is an investment company based in Costa Rica. It makes investments in micro-cap companies primarily thru PIPE's (private investment public entities). Crisnic Funds management has over 50 combined years of experience in direct investment, financial consulting, investment banking and lending.

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*Vitryxx is a registered trademark of Schott AG

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